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By June 14, 2012Fuel
I am blessed to live amongst avocado trees, to be near gorgeous strawberry fields, and (most of all!) to have wonderful friends to enjoy life with.  Yesterday, some beautiful ladies came over for a semi-impromtu pool party.  The afternoon was complete with sunshine, swimming, nail polish, homemade guacamole & chips, fresh nut butters, pineapple juice smoothies, fruits, and Lindsey’s yummy frosting brownies!!
Why should you eat avocados, besides the fact that they are Oh So Delicious!?
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • increased carotenoid absorption
  • antioxidants
  • blood sugar regulation
  • lots more good stuff!
GUAC:  2 mashed medium avocados + 2 diced plum tomatoes + 2 crushed,minced cloves garlic + fresh chopped basil + juice of half a medium lemon/lime + fresh ground pepper + sea salt + red pepper + paprika + (optional) diced onion
Peanut Butter (right): Pour 2-3 cups of roasted peanuts into food processor, aka. “F.P.”.  Add 2 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp   sea salt (if nuts are unsalted).  Process until oily (10ish minutes).  Almond Butter (left above): roast raw almonds in oven  for about 10 minutes at 275F (until soft and lightly browned)…be sure to watch and not burn nuts!  Once cooled, process in F.P. for about 10 minutes (until oily/gooey).  Add cinnamon, salt, dried berries, other nuts, as desired (I like Costco’s      Coastal Berry Blend trail mix with cried berries, nuts, and yogurt chips), and pulse to mix.  Serve w/ sliced apples, etc…     


Sun + Friendly Friends 🙂


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