Green eggs and shakes

By September 14, 2012Fuel
CAUTION: Dangerously Healthy Deliciousness Ahead!!
Despite the fact that I was born into an avocado-producing family, I was sadly unaware of the audaciously above-average-ness of avocados…not only in taste, but in texture and versatility :O  My parents tried to hide these statistically-proven facts from me, so that they could eat all of the avocados they wanted.  But, when the next door neighbors’ golden retrievers began to develop obesity after putting themselves on strict avocado-only diets (most likely in an attempt to improve the shininess of their coats…it definitely worked!), I thought: 

“Hey, maybe there is something to these giant green egg-looking things…they must not be too offensive-tasting if dogs voluntarily eat them.  Plus, I want my hair to be shiny and golden like Max and Crystal’s (neighbor dogs’ names).”

To my parents’ dismay, I slowly developed an avocado obsession.  These days, I devour nearly every avocado in sight.  Whether in the form of guacamole, a smoothie/shake, pudding, sliced in sandwiches/burritos/omelettes, etc…I will these “green eggs” here and there, I will eat them anywhere.  I would eat them with a fox, I would eat them in a box…

This morning, I performed a scientific research experiment which explored one of my favorite properties of avocados: creamy-fluffy-ness!  In this very serious case study, I examined the textural effects of blending together the following ingredients:

1/2 medium hass avocado
1 cup mixed frozen fruit (I used strawberry/pineapple/mango…feel free to stray!)
1 frozen medium-sized banana
1 cup lite coconut milk (you may sub up to half of the coconut milk for water if you like)
Your counter may look something like this ^

Hypothesis: avocados not only add antioxidants and nutritious, healthy omega 3 (ALA) oils and deliciousness to shakes, but also create a creamy-fluffy texture even in the absence of dairy products!!  [See this site for more reasons to become an avocado advocate.]

Procedure: see above recipe.

Results: see below photographs.  Note the thick and creamy appearance of the shake.  Yet, the smooth fluffiness is simultaneously apparent.  For full sensory exploration, please simulate this experiment at home in your kitchen.

*Granola added for texture contrast…and for taste bud appeal
For granola recipe ideas, see

 Conclusions: avocado indeed adds creamy-fluffiness to the texture of blended beverages.  In the absence of ice cream, yogurt or other dairy products, the ideal shake texture is by no means unattainable.  No more excuses for you lactose/casein-intolerant folk–unlike their animal product counterparts, these green eggs do not contain casein.

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