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By September 3, 2012Fuel

Fun with crafts/organizing 🙂

 -storage baskets
 -photos/postcards under glass desk cover
 -homemade penny and shell refrigerator magnets (tacky glued!)

I love baskets, and tin cans!
Can you spy: rock “coaster” and used glass milk bottle?


Who doesn’t love taking a bunch of clutter and putting it together to make it look organized?  The container is key.

what’s over there?? –> –>

  • Pretty pictures, randomly arranged on my desk, so I can look at them without dirtying them or having loose clutter all around.
  •  Mint Lemonade (on the coaster)…

* Perfect Mint Lemonade discoveries:
   -keep the mint in for better infusion
   -make a simple syrup with water and sugar on the stove, let cool, then squeeze in lemon and add mint!
   -use meyer lemons 🙂


 AND…Hooray for those little things you thought you didn’t need, but actually have saved, and now you are so glad because you can turn them into cute magnets… thanks to my good friend Amanda for the idea!  See Amanda’s photography/blog here.

  1. Gather up your old smooshed pennies, baby sea shells, and any coins that are confusing/not of value in your home country.
  2. Glue (I used tacky) them onto some cute magnets (I got 12 for less than $1.50 at Michaels)
  3.  Let them dry!  Don’t be antsy!
  4.  Put them on your fridge/other magnetized surface.

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