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Well, friends…

In a previous post on curried lentils, I neglected to mention that I was actually entering the recipe in a contest through the Pure Bar website.  You see, I have a friend who works for Pure Bar, and she mentioned that they were doing a recipe contest and that I should enter.  The next day, I felt inspired to experiment in the kitchen, and prayed for an idea…The red lentils and coconut cream that I had purchased from Trader Joe’s came to mind.  Until then, I had no plan for these items, so figured I should use them!  The canned pineapple and curry powder in the pantry were also looking quite attractive that day…

Anyways, I seriously did not think I had a chance to win this contest, but convinced myself that it was a good opportunity to do something I love to do: cook and create in the kitchen…and eat 🙂  While I was not “wowed” by the outcome of the recipe, I submitted the entry to Pure Bar, and pretty much forgot about the contest immediately.  

AND THEN, this morning I received a very surprising email from the founder of Pure Bar, congratulating me that I had actually won the contest in the category of “entree”. WHAT?? Praise the Lord!  My reward: $50 to Whole Foods, and 3 boxes of delicious Pure Bars…plus, a shot at the Grand Prize of a trip to New York.

Thanks for the encouragement!!

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