By October 25, 2012Fuel

Round 2 of “Guess what Ed had for breakfast this morning”:


Not quite.

My dad’s fuel of choice today: Pizza! (leftovers)

God Bless you, Ed Day!

Just for fun contrast…

This morning, I enjoyed two of Brice’s Famous Banana Pancakes, slathered with homemade peanut butter, homemade strawberry jam, sliced bananas, and a heaping side of fresh fruit salad.

I call it the “BBPPBB&J” sandwich,
…which of course means
B.rice’s B.anana P.ancake P.eanut B.utter, B.anana & J.elly

Out. of. Control.


  • Pizza is pretty amazing for breakfast, can’t lie 🙂 However.. your is looking a bit better. I mean a pancake sandwich?? 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Haha love it! Jason used to eat Cup of Noodle for breakfast EVERYDAY for years throughout college! Luckily, I have begun to break him of that habit, and I can report that there isn’t even Ramen in our house now! However, at his work….I can not make any comments about what goes on there….

  • brittany day says:

    Cup of Noodles everyday!?! That is impressive. I’m so proud of your good influencing abilities 🙂 haha

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