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Let’s play a guessing game!

What do you suppose my dad had for breakfast this morning?  (no looking at the picture below…that would be cheating).

Oatmeal?  Definitely not…oatmeal is far too plain and normal a breakfast food for my dad.

…Cornbread?  No.

…Oatmeal with cornbread mixed in?  Close…he has eaten that for breakfast once or twice!

…Chili?  Nope

…Mac and Cheese?  Why, yes…yes, he sure did.  

The new breakfast of a Champion

 In the words of my dad, “There is no law against mac n cheese for breakfast.”  Well said, Dad.


…Pastries?  Yes… he ate those for breakfast too!  

Pastries and homemade “nacho” cheesecake…?

Mac and Cheese and pastries mixed together?  Well, not quite.  As my dad eloquently stated: 

“There is a law against combining mac and pastries in the same bowl for breakfast.” 

Wise words to live by.

I should point out:  My dad did not consume the entire contents of these pictures for breakfast, only portions of them.  Also, he has given me freedom to publish his breakfast of choice on the world wide web 🙂  What a trooper.

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