S’mores Bark

By October 29, 2012Fuel

A few weeks ago, my friend Jessica gave me some of her delicious Halloween bark, complete with oreos, pretzels, and candy corn.  I have been dying to make this, but decided to just use the ingredients in our pantry. 

Today, Megan (see previous post) and I made
S’mores Bark:

(Makes about 6 sandwich bags’ worth)

1. Melt 1c. chopped milk/semi-sweet chocolate in microwave

2. Spread onto parchment-lined baking sheet in thin layer (but not so thin that you can see the parchment.
3. Press broken graham cracker pieces (about 3 whole sheets) and marshmallows (mini or chopped whole mallows) into chocolate.
4. Let cool in fridge.
5. Melt 1c. white/other chocolate in microwave and spread on top of cooled bottom layer.
6. Sprinkle and press candy corns into top layer and cool again.
7. Break into pieces.

New favorite fall treat

One of the elves’ main food groups: Candy Corn


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