Garlic…Fact and Fiction

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Have  you heard a lot about this guy on Dr. Oz or Good Morning America?  Me too.  The trouble is, I never remember exactly why I should eat garlic.  Is it going to make me a super genius?  Or turn me into a mega athlete?  Will it keep away flies?  Or was it witches?  All I know is, something so pungent must be good for me.  Plus, it is delicious in my favorite Italian dishes.  

I recently wrote a paper on garlic and garlic supplements for a class, and here is what I found, based on a decent amount of research:

it will make your breath smelly
it may help control cholesterol levels
it may help control blood pressure
it may help reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease

it does not help keep vampires away (and may even attract them!)
there is insufficient evidence to support garlic’s ability to prevent cancer
there is little evidence to support garlic’s role in improving VO2max/endurance in athletes

There you have it, folks.  If you want to reap the benefits of smelly breath, delicious-tasting food, and possibly lower your risk of CVD, the NCCAM and NCI recommend having about 1 clove of garlic per day.

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