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By December 24, 2012Fitness, Fuel

Big shout-out to my amazing friend, Lauren of Modern Taste, for performing reconstructive surgery on this blog and offering invaluable advice!  In addition to her fresh custom template artwork, here are some of the updates she has graciously helped me with:

  • Look out for “print me” links on posted recipes for easy printing without the nasty cutting/pasting.
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  • Check out the new BrittFit facebook page for coaching/nutrition services communication, or send an email to
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So…until now, the posts on this blog have been food/recipe-related, with little training/exercise nutrition focus.  This has mainly been due to my (Britt) recent triathlon training hiatus.  However, I have now committed to training and racing triathlons competitively for the 2013 season, under the supervision Coach Gareth, head of the TRIO sports training and testing facility.  Gareth has been my good friend/coach since my undergraduate days at UCLA, where he initiated a triathlon scholarship program to make the sport more affordable for developing college student-triathletes.  It was an amazing experience, and has had massive impacts on the direction of my path in life!  I could go on for days… but, mainly, I want to thank Gareth for his friendship and tremendous help as I continue to enjoy triathlon training with all of the beautiful relationships, excitement, physical pain, mental testing, and life-lessons that come with it.
This means…”BrittFit”-labeled posts are coming out of obscurity.  Blog posts will be more frequently training-related (i.e. workouts/races/pre- and post- exercise fuel/sponsors/gear/fellow athletes/coaching/other stories).  General cooking/recipe/eating posts will likely be a less-dominant species, but will be coexistent with “training” posts.
Thanks!…I want to thank Brian Smallwood (and the crew) at Tri Running for the support and wisdom he generously shares, and for the opportunity to be involved behind the scenes of a fab-and-friendly tri shop.  Thanks to Josh Spiker of Vendurance for encouraging “BrittFit” and for helping with the BrittFuel/BrittFit artwork.  Huge thanks to my wonderful mum and pop for being my number one fans, sponsors, cheerleaders, support crew, and so much more.  Thank you, Brice, for being AWESOME and for showing me God’s love, patience, and grace daily.  I am enormously thankful to God for family, friends, encourage-rs, training buddies, coaches, and competitors; and I am continually becoming more aware that, although I greatly appreciate and enjoy Triathlon, it is such a small, silly, fleeting thing in my life– merely a means to form relationships, to love, to learn, and to live.

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