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A while back, I mentioned that my friend Sean has kindly hooked me up with some Fluid drink mix, including the Performance blend.  If you are looking for something to get your pre-workout glycogen stores stocked and keep your blood sugar up during workouts/races for immediate energy, Fluid Performance is a worthy candidate to fill your aero bottles/fuel belts/plastic cups/wine glasses (try it!).

Pre-ride Official Gear Inventory

Part of this Complete Breakfast

The product: Fluid Performance: Passion Fruit Tea

The serving: One scoop per bottle with water (200 kcal total)
The trip: 2.5 hour aerobic ride + (short break) + 30 min run with the boyfriend
The taste: I have actually never had passion fruit tea, so I can’t tell you whether it tastes just like the real thing.  I can tell you that it is sweet, yummy, and seems almost grape-like in flavor.  I would/will definitely use this in a race.  Personally, though, I prefer the raspberry lemonade flavor by Fluid.
The verdict: For this low-effort workout on a cold, dry, morning, 2 scoops was enough to keep me fueled and feeling good.  Had I been going harder or if the weather were more demanding, I probably would have needed an additional scoop or else a solid food product (I like gels, bananas, tangerines, dates, and homemade energy bars).  I love that this has a bit of caffeine.  Sometimes, halfway through a 3+ hour ride, it is good to keep the caffeine levels up, which are likely to have dropped since morning tea. Caffeine has proven itself over and over to be an excellent exercise tool.  It allows perceived exertion to go down, and thus athletes can see improved training and racing performances. 
Fun Fact: Fluid’s newest Performance flavor, Fresh Citrus, is now available, and tastes reminiscent of orange creamsicles!

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