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By January 11, 2013Fitness
I have been meaning to post on a topic very special to me for quite a while, but sometimes it is hardest to write about the things that are closest to you.  This is my long-overdue “thanks for so much more than I can even conjure up in my mind” to Brian and the Tri Running team.  Not only has Brian taken me under his “triathlon wing” through generously offering his time, skills, and wisdom–even allowing me to tag along on 90 mile ridiculous climbing rides–but he also welcomed me to be a part of the team at Tri Running, which he launched and opened in January, 2011.  Through this adventure, I have met scores of amazing, inspiring people, from the fun-borderline-crazy co-workers (jk), to the regulars who have become close friends, to the triathlon newbs (aka. “Freds” for the cyclists), to the casual-exercisers, to the aspiring professionals, to the random browsers…  I am so grateful for all of the relationships and opportunities that have come through this store and its team of fab people!  Thanks Brian, Josh, Bobby, and everyone who has roamed the floors of 2233 Ventura Blvd, Camarillo CA 93010.
The store: Tri Running
The city: Camarillo, CA
The goods: everything swim/bike/run-related, expert service, friends.
The team: Brian, Josh, Bobby, Brittany (me), and some guest stars…
(some of) My faves: The “Y” massage roller, KT tape (pink or green), pretty much anything Pearl Izumi, Fluid Performance/Recovery (Chocolate), Bonk Breaker bars, Asics socks, Garmin watches (210), Tri Running Purist water bottle, Tri Running tattoos, Lori’s Original Lemonade (seasonal), Tri Running t-shirt.
Fun Fact: There are so many fun facts about this place and its main characters it is hard to choose just one.  The first that comes to mind is that the owner (Brian) actually only has four fingers on one of his hands but still parades about doing Ultraman (double Ironman) and other crazy shenanigans like owning businesses, fixing bikes, patching wetsuits, playing professional air guitar, etc.
Britt and Brian at the Vendurance Turkey Trot, Ventura 2012

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