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‘Tis a bit late for Irish festivities, now 3 days gone since “St. Patrick’s Day,” but let us enjoy a wee remnant morsel of our smashed potato leftovers.

…Can you tell that I have 50% Irish in me blood?  I can prove it to you by how much I love potatoes and anything with potatoes in it…fries, gnocchi, potato bread…mmm

If you happen to have made some mashed potatoes recently, and just cannot eat in mushy form, here is a solution to your problem:

I recommend this for a hearty meal anytime of day (except 10 minutes before a run!)


(print this recipe)

Heat thin layer of oil (or generous spray of nonstick) in a pan over medium heat.  The more oil, the greasier the latkes, which can be good or bad depending on the desired taste/purpose.  Shape mashed potatoes with fingers into thin circular pancakes, and place on heated pan to fry.  Once golden brown on bottom, flip with spatula and fry other side.

Serve warm with plain yogurt, applesauce, ketchup, butter, chives, and whatever you like.

*I made my mashed potatoes by boiling 4 potatoes with about 1 c. raw cauliflower florets until very soft, then draining out water and smashing with a masher (I refuse to remove the potato skins).  I added milk, butter, cheddar cheese, fresh rosemary, salt, pepper, and fresh crushed garlic and completely smothered it all until perfectly fluffy.

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