DIY Buns

By May 15, 2013Fuel

As I put off writing a Wildflower race report for a little while longer, please talk amongst yourselves about something yummy I made a couple weeks back…

Have you ever attempted to make your own buns?

I used this recipe, cut in half, with whole wheat flour, and shaZam!  I am fairly certain that you could sub any other sort of non-cow-based milk in there if you please, and you could totally omit the whole egg-dusting step.

*note: be sure to grease or line your baking pan. I didn’t, and mine were sticking.

While I do not advise nutritionally-conscious humans to eat dogs regularly (hot dogs–especially beef–are high in fat and sodium and may increase heart disease risk due to the meat processing involved), I do enjoy one (or two) every once in a double rainbow.  If you do not eat beef, try a lean chicken or turkey dog!

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