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I am a fan of Fluid Performance and Recovery products for a few reasons:

1. They taste good, and give me fuel for intense workouts, long workouts, and post-workout recovery.
2. The folks at Fluid are super cool.
3. I can make fun things with Fluid nutrition products, like pancakes, shakes, cookies, and oatmeal.

This oatmeal is packed with quality carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and vitamin E-antioxidant (wheat germ).  It is also delicious, and perfect for breakfasts, recovery meals, or midnight snacks….

Fluid Oats
(print this recipe)

Serves 2:

Rolled/quick oats, about 1/2 c

Oat bran (or more oatmeal), about 1/2 c
Water, about 2 c., to cook oats
Wheat germ (or flaxseed meal), about 1/4 c
Almond milk, to taste
Fluid chocolate recovery, 2-3 scoops
Banana, 1 whole, smashed
Peanut butter, to taste
Cinnamon/fresh nutmeg/cocoa powder, to taste

Cook oats and oat bran together in water (microwave or stove-top).  Stir in wheat germ, almond milk, Fluid, banana, peanut butter and desired spices.

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