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Do you recall the profound moment during the animated feature “The Little Mermaid” in which Skuttle discovers the real purpose of a pipe (aka. “the snarfblat”)?  Need a little mental refresher?  Here you go:
You are welcome.  I hope that this discovery changes your life in a big way.  In case it doesn’t, let me show you an alternative use of the snarfblat which may have equally-intensifying effects upon your life’s course.
Recently, my mom’s friend made her an egg cooking device which I believe is an evolved species of the snarfblat.  It looks similar, but has a shorter snout.  This object is not intended for smoking purposes, but is a very special snarfblat type which can be used to cook eggs in the microwave…
It is actually quite simple to use. 
Just beat two eggs with a fork or whisk in a small bowl, and add water (enough to fill half of an egg shell).  Beat again, and add any desired grated cheese, spices, herbs, or diced veggies.  Pour the mixture into a greased snarfblat (I use pam to spray the whole surface and lid).  Place the lid on top, and microwave for about 2.5 minutes (start with 2 minutes and add time as needed to cook eggs).  Add salsa, toast, avocado, and whatnot.

my current favorite quick breakfast
Are you a bit envious of my snarfblat?  While I cannot make you one, nor can I promise that my mom’s friend can send you one, I can tell you that there are some similar products out there for microwaving eggs:
Try this one.…or this one.  Also, I am fairly certain that there are many microwaveable containers of this sort.  You just need something the right size to fit your eggs, with a lid, and a little ventilation. 
I actually tried eating some snarfblat eggs with buttered wheat toast and salsa as a pre-marathon breakfast, and I had great results.  I used to think that eggs before workouts was a pretty newbie mistake, but now I believe that it is a veteran secret!  I decided to experiment after seeing a friend eat hard boiled eggs on race morning.  It may sound risky, but eggs are satiating, and provide beautifully complete protein! 

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