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By July 12, 2013Coaching, Fitness, Swimming

Calling all swimmers, triathletes, and adventurous ones, near and far, young and old:

I will be setting up a couple of buoys and going for a morning circuit swim ’round them at the Ventura Pier (err…just to the north of it) on the regular.  I am hoping that a solid group of crazy people would like to join me!  No cost, except for a couple of marbles and caloric expenses.  “Crazy person” qualification standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Willingness to swim in the ocean
  • Desire to get up early in the morning and swim between 5:45-6:45am (ish)
  • Being human, age 18 or older…or must have parent consent
  • Ability to swim at least 500 meters in the ocean comfortably without assistance 
  • Wetsuit-wearing is not mandatory, but welcome, and, in some cases, encouraged
  • Agreement not to sue Brittany for any unfortunate ocean swim-related incidents
Planned swim dates are every other Friday, starting one week from today:
  • Friday, July 19th (5:45-6:45am)
  • Friday, August 2nd (5:45-6:45am)
  • Friday, August 16th (6-7am)
  • Friday, August 30th (6-7am)
  • Friday, September 13th (6-7am)
  • Friday, September 27th (6-7am)

  • Arrive at 5:45am (July 19th and August 2nd) or 6am to meet/prep/warmup.  Workout will begin at 6/6:15am and end at 6:45/7am.  Varied start times account for differences in daylight hours. You are welcome to stay later, but buoys will be removed.
  • Occasionally, as needed, open water swim skills and tips will be discussed
  • Workout will include water entry, exit, race pace circuits, beach running between circuits, etc.
  • Bring suit, cap, goggle, towel, warm/dry clothes, water/snack for afterwards, lube/body glide, water to rinse feet, sandals to walk to beach, swim accessories (nose clip, ear plugs, booties…)
  • Bathrooms are very close by, an immediate right from the parking garage near the pier
  • Outdoor showers are available close by if needed, but allow time for a 10 minute walk
  • Parking is available (early mornings are free!) in the lot on Harbor Blvd and California St.
    • From the 101 N, exit 70A for California St.  Make a left on S California St.  
If you would like to join in on the craziness, please contact me by commenting on the post, or by leaving a message/comment on the BrittFit Facebook Page.  Your response is necessary so that I can be sure to let you know of any changes/cancellations. I will also ask you to fill out the mandatory online waiver before attending a workout with me.

Let’s jump in!

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