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May 2014

Muffin in a Mowl

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This week, I discovered that there is a much quicker, less messy, way to make fresh muffins.  There are pretty much two steps:
  1. Mix ingredients in a mowl (def: mug + bowl = mowl)
  2. Microwave

…Voilà! Muffin in a Mowl!

Typically, I prefer not to make the microwave my primary baking tool.  However, for mornings when I feel like making myself just one big, personalized, warm, muffin, I think I’ve found a new favorite treat.  Plus, this puts the “fast” in breakfast.  Just one mowl for mixing/baking, a fork for whisking, and a big spoon for guesstimating your measurements.  Of course, if you want to get fancy, you can use real measuring spoons.

To make this guy, I split one egg into my mowl, poured in about 2 tablespoons of milk (any kind of milk works!), and mixed it up with a fork.  Then, I took a large spoon and dropped two tablespoons each of flaxseed meal and oat bran straight into the mowl with the egg-milk mixture.  I added about 1/4th teaspoon each of baking powder and cinnamon.  Then, I mixed in my favorite add-ins: chocolate chips (2T), frozen berries (2T), coconut flakes (1T), and honey (1T).  Finally, I mixed in about a teaspoon of coconut oil.  From there, the mowl went into the microwave for a total of about 90 seconds (I checked on it every 30 seconds).  I also topped my muffin with almond butter and banana slices 🙂
These are so easy to get creative with. If you don’t have one of the “ingredients” above, most can be omitted or substituted.  Butter, vegetable oil, or even applesauce, can easily replace the coconut oil.  The egg can be omitted by adding extra liquid, or by making a “flax egg” with 1 T flax meal and 3T water (mix and let the flax egg set before blending into muffin). Also, you can swap in your favorite mix-ins if you don’t like mine.  I want to try some of these in the future: applesauce, grated carrots, mashed banana, raisins, walnuts, chia seeds, yogurt, orange/lemon zest.  I also want to vary my toppings, and maybe try some: butter, jam, whipped cream, syrup, powdered sugar, cream cheese, or…
One more exciting note:  mowl muffins are excellent sources of “good fats” (flax meal), and make a superb pre-workout meal/snack.
Happy breakfasting 🙂 

Revisiting Goals

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In January, I shared some goals.  I want to come back to those, and see where things have gone…

Britt’s Goals, 2014

  • Marry Prince Charming in April
    • Planning for wedding and married life!
    • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Complete graduate thesis and graduate with an M.S. Nutrition degree in May
    • Stay on top of writing drafts
  • Encourage my swimmers to fill out goal sheets and to be familiar with their times
    • Set aside time in practice to write goals and help with goal setting
    • Email out updated spreadsheets of times for weekly challenge swims
    • Reward swimmers who make and/or meet goals
  • Place top 3 in the Monroe Elite Development Race in June (and get elite license)
    • Stay consistent with workout plan
    • Tune up race
      • Piru 40k TT
    • Sleep 8-10 hours most nights
    • Fuel workouts with quality foods
  • Establish season race plan
  • Get plugged in at church
    • Join a small group
    • Find a place to serve
  • Enjoy wedding/marriage (& planning), school, coaching, training, racing, church life
  • Appreciate the blessings that the above are and the awesome people I get to do life with!
  • Run away from Self-Pity and stop complaining (oh dear, I’m scared to write that one down)
  • Start biweekly Fun Friday swims up again for the summer
  • Get my name officially changed in all aspects of life
  • Get back into a routine of blogging 
    • At least 2x per month
…Crossed out goals = completed/accomplished
…Highlighted goals = still working on/ongoing
…Italicized goals = new goals 🙂
Since it is still May, I am happy with where things are at.  There is definitely more room for me to grow in many of these areas, and I am excited to keep adding more goals to the list.
How are you doing with your goals?  Have they changed since the new year began?