Revisiting Goals

By May 22, 2014Fitness

In January, I shared some goals.  I want to come back to those, and see where things have gone…

Britt’s Goals, 2014

  • Marry Prince Charming in April
    • Planning for wedding and married life!
    • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Complete graduate thesis and graduate with an M.S. Nutrition degree in May
    • Stay on top of writing drafts
  • Encourage my swimmers to fill out goal sheets and to be familiar with their times
    • Set aside time in practice to write goals and help with goal setting
    • Email out updated spreadsheets of times for weekly challenge swims
    • Reward swimmers who make and/or meet goals
  • Place top 3 in the Monroe Elite Development Race in June (and get elite license)
    • Stay consistent with workout plan
    • Tune up race
      • Piru 40k TT
    • Sleep 8-10 hours most nights
    • Fuel workouts with quality foods
  • Establish season race plan
  • Get plugged in at church
    • Join a small group
    • Find a place to serve
  • Enjoy wedding/marriage (& planning), school, coaching, training, racing, church life
  • Appreciate the blessings that the above are and the awesome people I get to do life with!
  • Run away from Self-Pity and stop complaining (oh dear, I’m scared to write that one down)
  • Start biweekly Fun Friday swims up again for the summer
  • Get my name officially changed in all aspects of life
  • Get back into a routine of blogging 
    • At least 2x per month
…Crossed out goals = completed/accomplished
…Highlighted goals = still working on/ongoing
…Italicized goals = new goals 🙂
Since it is still May, I am happy with where things are at.  There is definitely more room for me to grow in many of these areas, and I am excited to keep adding more goals to the list.
How are you doing with your goals?  Have they changed since the new year began?  

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