By August 12, 2014Coaching, Fitness

Hello out there.

I have some happy news!!

Did you notice the new blog tab to the far left, “BrittFit Coaching”??  Take a look…I have decided to officially start my own professional swim/tri/nutrition coaching and consulting business under the BrittFit name.  Because this is super exciting for me, I have been dedicating heaps of time coming up with cool packages that I believe will help me to help other athletes toward their goals– whether related to specific swim/tri skills, efficiency, competitive improvements, training, nutrition, strength, etc.

For some extra background on BrittFit, or just Britt, skip over to the “Just Britt” tab.

This whole “real business” thing is as scary to me as it is exciting.  But, I am passionate about helping athletes to fuel, perform, and feel at their best, and am looking forward to working with even more awesome people one-on-one through this new venture.


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