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By September 11, 2014Fitness, Fuel

Exciting news…BrittFit has teamed up with local bakery, Moonvine Desserts, to create energy bars for local athletes!

We have been experimenting in the kitchen, scheming up ideas over cups of coffee, and working our taste buds to the ground to come up with the most awesomest recipe for you.  Our bars are designed to deliver optimal fuel for before, during, and/or after workouts.  We’ve combined a minimal (but delicious!) list of quality ingredients to produce an ideal blend of glycogen-replenishing carbohydrates, a dash of quality proteins, and a smidgen of healthy fats.

The mouth-watering flavor of our miraculous mixture somewhat resembles that of a slice of homemade apple pie.  Thus, I thought that my BrittFit Bar would be extra yummy served up like a slice of pie and topped with whipped cream.  I was 100% correct.

Here are just some of the many additional ways to enjoy a BrittFit Bar:

Pre-Exercise: Enjoy a BrittFit Bar as a pre-exercise snack.  For low intensity activities, a single bar (or a portion of a bar) may be tolerated closer to workout time.  For more intense activities (e.g. running, or any high intensity workout), a longer period may be needed to avoid GI distress.  Carbohydrates supplied before workouts, especially early morning workouts following a nightlong fasting (sleeping) period, benefit athletes by maximizing blood sugar maintenance.

During-Exercise: During less-intense activities (e.g. long, easy, bike rides), or during a break between activities, consume a BrittFit Bar to keep blood sugar levels up while sparing muscle/liver glycogen stores.  This will allow you to avoid “bonking” or depleting glycogen stores during longer sessions.  Recommended carbohydrate intake for activities lasting longer than one hour: 120-240 kcal/hour, with water.

Post-Exercise: Post-exercise carbohydrate and protein consumption is a crucial step in reaping the benefits of your hard training, and seeing long-term performance benefits.  Following workouts, especially those of high-intensity and/or long-duration, refuel with a BrittFit Bar to maximize the muscle repair and glycogen recovery process!  Aim to refuel with a bar within 30-minutes of exercise.

Whenever:  Because BrittFit Bars are made with whole food sources of quality carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats, they make a great snack anytime!  Looking for something to keep your blood sugar stable between meals?  Emergency travel snacks?  Midnight munchies?  These provide top-notch, nutrient-dense, sustenance.

A note to those with food allergies/intolerance:  BrittFit Bars are made with certified gluten-free oats, in addition to other non-gluten-containing ingredients.  There are no sources of dairy, eggs, meat, peanuts, or soy on the ingredients list.

Order BrittFit Bars:  We will begin taking orders soon!  Please contact Britt (, or Annette (, if you’d like to be notified once we’re off and running.

Fun Fact: Annette, triathlete and owner of Moonvine Desserts, was the mastermind behind our amazing puzzle piece-themed wedding cake this past April.  It’s an honor to work with such a skilled woman!

Fuel well,

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