Britt’s Kitchen (The Tour)

By October 15, 2014Fuel

Another “Just because” post…

Let’s take a looksie around the Oliver (Brice & Britt) kitchen.

Here is our pantry #1: sweets on top; oils, vinegar, and other random goodies in the middle; grains on bottom.

More grains on top of the fridge: cereals, chips

Freezer: frozen fruits, veggies, meats, ice cream, frozen cookie dough, ice packs, and our wedding cake (for our 1st anniversary!)…also, our ice cream maker (I love we love ice cream!!)

Fridge door: butters on top; sauces, syrup, salsa, dressings, etc; then juices and almond milks

Fridge (middle and bottom shelves): dairy/eggs, leftovers, drinks that are too tall for the fridge door

Fridge (top shelf): Brita water, jams, nut butters, pumpkin butter, nut oils, flax meal, wheat germ, pumpkin puree (disguised in cottage cheese container)

Produce drawer: pears, apples, whole carrots, baby carrots, bell peppers, mixed greens

Counter top produce: bananas (who else spends 10 minutes choosing bananas at the perfect ripeness??), cuties, lemons, etc

Pantry #2: dried fruits (currently raisins, dates, apricots, and coconut), nuts (almonds and walnuts), & seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, and chia)

Pantry #3 (rotating shelves): canned beans, coconut milk, soups, veggies, sauces, oils, honeys

…stocked nut butters, salsas, broth…

…flours, oats, sports drink mixes…

…rices, sweeteners, & chocolate chips

Our tea shelves 🙂

Our water bottle rack (I stole this idea from a fellow endurance athlete)

And, of course, our coffee shelf:

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Please exit out the tour car to your left.


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