Meet The Athlete: Jolene

Jolene has been a BrittFit athlete since 2014. She recently completed her first Ironman triathlon in Arizona, and is hungry for more in 2015!

-Favorite event:
Ironman Arizona 2014! It has its own unique challenges (can you say “wind”?) and provides amazing spectator support.

-Ideal training day:
2. AM swim or strength training
3. 8-12hr workday
4. PM sprints or intervals on spin bike
On the weekends, I live for long runs and bike rides

-Racing goal for 2015:
Pushing myself, working hard and finishing as fast as I’m truly capable of. I hope to knock AT LEAST an hour off my previous full distance time of 14:54

-Favorite pre-workout snack:
I was NOT paid to say this… an apple pie Brittfit bar. It’s tasty, not heavy in my stomach and pure energy.

-Favorite recovery snack:
Protein shake with peanut butter & rolled oats

-Favorite post-race treat:
Cheeseburger, fries and a Pepsi

-Dream race:
Ironman Mallorca (Spain)

-Athlete idol:
Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae, for her athletic ability AND ambassador spirit toward age-group athletes.

-Training “secret”:
I always give everything I have and never sweat a bad workout. If I have a bad day, I remember when I couldn’t do ANY of this and recognize how far I’ve come.

-Pre-race ritual:
Even though I don’t believe it has ANY benefit, I have to eat pasta the night before a race.

Pick one:
peanut or almond butter? Peanut butter
coffee or tea? COFFEE
watch on your left wrist or right? Right
hat or visor? Training – visor / Race day – hat (hides the frizzies)
socks or no socks? Bike – no socks / Run – very THIN socks
morning or evening? EVENING
mountains or beach? Mountains
chocolate or cheese? Cheeeeeeeeeeese!

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