Meet the Athlete: John #1

Meet John #1, Ironman triathlete, husband,  and newly-appointed grandfather. He pretty much does it all.  Why #1? Because John #2!

Current place of residence:  Camarillo, CA

Hometown/place of birth: Sun Valley, CA / Hollywood, CA

Day job: Architect

Favorite sports or hobbies (besides triathlon): I love to ski.

2015 triathlon/race goal: To complete two 140.6 distance events this year. IM Switzerland in July and IM Arizona in November.

Best triathlon race leg (swim, bike, run, T1, T2, beer garden): Definitely the bike. Definitely not T1.

Dream race: My parents were both from Switzerland.  I’m really looking forward to competing there this year.

Race mantra: Just keep moving.  A good friend once told me that every step I take during the race is one I don’t have to take again.  I think about that a lot.

When/how/why did you start triathlon?:  A good running friend of June’s (wife) asked me to help her with her cycling.  I said sure, what are you doing?  She said she signed up for an Ironman.  I seriously asked her if she knew what that was.  She had never participated in a tri.  I signed up for my first sprint tri with her a couple months later.  I was hooked.

Hardest race you’ve ever completed: IM Arizona, because of the distance and training commitment.  The run during the Rhode Island 70.3 with the crazy steep hills, 90 degree heat and 90% humidity was also not fun.

Most memorable race moment: I was starting the second lap of the Oceanside run in 2011 and an athlete who had finished the event high fived me and encouraged me on.  I then realized it was Andy Potts who had won the event.  That really stuck with me.

Words of wisdom to someone considering training for their first triathlon/endurance event: Baby steps.  Don’t overcommit to a race that is too hard or too long.  Build slowly and you will enjoy the experiences much more.

Something you’ve learned about yourself through triathlon/endurance sport: You can accomplish a lot if you dedicate yourself and put in the work.  You can do more than you thought possible.

Pre-race ritual or superstition: June says I wait to the last minute to pack.  Not a good thing.

Training/racing “secrets”: Coffee

Training/racing pet peeve(s): Slower riders who ride to the left of the road.  People who claw at you during the swim.

Why do you keep Tri-ing?: My training partners.  I love to associate with the people who “Get it”.

What does “Fuel” mean to you?: Coffee

What does being “Fit” mean to you?: Feeling strong. Looking forward to the next workout.  Wanting to do more.

Pick one:

Open water or pool?  Open water
Trail or track?  Trail
Solo or group training?  Group
Chocolate or cheese?  I’m Swiss, do I really have to choose?
Watch on your left wrist or right?  Left
Morning or evening workout?  Morning.  I never would have said that before doing tris.
Hat or visor?  I use both.
Swim cap or no cap?  Pool, no cap…Open water, cap.
Cheerios or Wheaties?  Wheaties
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?  Coffee, coffee, coffee.

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  • So glad to see John is benefitting from you being the coach at Masters swimming. I’m happy to refer my Hypercat Racing athletes to you for swim help. I’ve been coaching John for the past few years…and am is primary triathlon coach.

    • Britt says:

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Rachel! Seems like John has also been thriving as a Hypercat athlete!!

  • paul says:

    John is not a morning person, unless he has some coffee. However, the coffee may cause later unwanted side effects and stops. He is my IronBro (we did IM AZ in 2012 together) and he is so kind to laugh at my terrible humor. He is a serious competitor and always does his assigned workouts! He is a fine representative of Rincon and the human race!

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