Meet the Athlete: Karen

Meet the Athlete: Karen O’Neill, newly engaged Irish triathlete!

Current place of residence: Ventura, CA

Hometown/place of birth: Dublin, Ireland

Day job: Controller

Favorite sports or hobbies (besides triathlon): Reading, Wine tasting

Current (2015) triathlon goal: To beat my last time at the SB Long Course Triathlon

Best triathlon race leg (swim, bike, run, T1, T2, beer garden): Beer Garden!

Dream race: Warm water swim, downhill bike, and 3 mile run 😉

Race mantra: “There’s a cold beer at the finish line. You just have to get there.”

When/how/why did you start triathlon? Three years ago my friend Mariel convinced me to register with Team in Training for a triathlon. It’s all her fault.

Hardest race you’ve ever completed: Ironman AZ 2013 due to the length of the race. I was ready to be done after the bike leg. But I got a hug from Pat in T2 and he told me I could finish it. So I did.

Most memorable training and/or race moment(s): It’s always wonderful to see friends along the way and at the finish line. It’s what makes it every time for me.

Words of wisdom to someone considering training for their first triathlon/endurance event: You can do anything you put your mind to. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And don’t forget to have some rest days too.

Something you’ve learned about yourself through triathlon/endurance sport: That I can actually keep going even though I feel like stopping. And I’m not afraid of open water anymore, well maybe just waves.

Pre-race ritual or superstition: A checklist with all items needed

Training/racing “secrets”: Tri-slide- it’s so useful

Training/racing pet peeve: Sometimes there are not enough days in the week to fit it all in

Why do you keep Tri-ing? It’s fun! I’ve met a lot of great people, and triathletes are a social and friendly bunch.

What does “Fuel” mean to you? Fuel to me means the gas in the tank

What does being “Fit” mean to you? Being able to do things without being out of breath

Pick one:

Long swim, long ride or long run? Long ride, even though I’m slow
Open water or pool? Pool- sometimes the dark depths in open water scare me
Trail or track? Track
Solo or group training? A bit of both
Chocolate or cheese? Cheese
Watch on your left wrist or right? Left
Morning or evening workout? Morning
Hat or visor? Visor
Swim cap or no cap? Cap
Cheerios or Wheaties? Neither
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Tea!

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