Meet the Athlete: Josh

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When Brice and I got married, we were able to include many of our good friends in various aspects of the ceremony/celebration including the photography, the ceremony music, the readings, the cake, the table decor, and even the refreshments. We also asked pastor Josh Santin, a triathlete and member of my swim class in Ventura, to be our officiant. It was an honor to have him be part of this special moment in our lives, and it is an honor to continue working with him as he pursues his athletic goals. Read more about those goals, why he tris, and other random facts about Josh below. If you are trying to figure out what to get Josh for his next birthday, scroll down to the bottom for some of his favorites…

Athlete: Josh Santin

Current residence: Oxnard, CA

Place of birth: Hollywood, CA

Day job: Pastor

Dream job: I’m living it.

Favorite sports or hobbies: Football, Basketball, Board Games

When/how/why did you become an endurance athlete? Originally to get fit again. I began by accepting a challenge in 1996 to do the next year’s Steamboat sprint triathlon. Only one person finished after me that year. The passion of challenging myself to do better became too strong for me to ignore after that point.

Favorite endurance athletic accomplishment(s): My first Ironman at Arizona 2010 was a great experience. But my favorite has been and continues to be the Carpinteria Triathlon, because of so many friends on the course.

Hardest endurance race and/or workout you’ve ever completed: Hits Ironman distance Lake Havasu. Got dark at 5:30 pm. Most of the athletes who were in this race finished in 13 hours or less. The last 20 of us finished the marathon in the dark. Very tough when you’re running/walking alone. Pulled my hamstring at mile 14, but continued to walk/limp to the finish line.

Most memorable endurance training and/or race moment(s): Vineman 2011. Temperature was over 100 and my whole body was cramping up at mile 85 of the bike. Somehow made it to T2. Did the first two loops of 3 of the run. At the beginning of the third loop, I quit mentally. I walked over to the lunch trunk and ordered a double cheese with bacon and a large Diet Mountain Dew. As I sat there and ate, I was amazed as these athletes, many older then I, some hurting more than I was, who had the mental strength to finish.

Current 2016-2017 training/competition goals: Granite Man in September 2016, Oregon Double Anvil July 2017.

Why do you want to accomplish this goal? Because God made me this way. I’ve tried to walk away from triathlon and endurance racing many times. Believe me when I say I have tried, but I can’t. And it’s because God made me to enjoy the mental, physical and yes PAINFUL, experience of challenging myself to do better and go longer. So now as I race and the mental, physical and painful reality begins to challenge me to quit, I thank God for allowing me to be who He made me to be.

Training tips: Make sure you try out all your racing fuel during training.

Training pet peeve: Flat tire!

Post-race/workout treat: DIET MOUNTAIN DEW

Ideal training “camp” location: Disney Grand Floridian Resort

What motivates you to keep going when it gets tough?  I try to remember that I chose to do this, so enjoy it. I also tell myself to remember how I felt when I gave up and quit.

Something you’ve learned about yourself through endurance athletics: I can’t be afraid of failure. Failure is a part of getting better, and that includes me.

Best encouragement you’ve ever been given: It takes incredible courage to put your toes on the starting line of any endurance distance race.

Athlete hero: Shigy Suzuki

Words of wisdom to aspiring endurance athletes: Your dream is just as important than anyone else’s. So don’t let anyone discourage you from striving to achieve your dream.

What does “Fuel” mean to you?: The octane that is going to make my motor work and run best. (Now if I could only remember that!)

What does being “Fit” mean to you?: Taking the best care of my heart, soul, strength, and mind, that was given to me.

Pick one:

Swim, bike, or run? Bike

Open water or pool? Open water

Trail or track? Track

Solo or group training? Solo

Chocolate or cheese? Cheese

Watch on your left wrist or right? Left

Morning or evening workout? Morning

Hat, visor or headband?  Neither, only need Sunglasses to look cool.

Swim cap or no cap? No cap

Cheerios or Wheaties? Cocoa Pebbles 😀

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? None

Crocs or Birkenstocks? Bare foot

Good N Plenty or Mountain Dew? Good N Plenty’s inside my 20oz Diet Mountain Dew. HA!

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Thanks, Josh! Keep Doin what you Dew!

Triathlete Mag: How I Fuel

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A few months back, I had the pleasure of composing a brief article for Triathlete Magazine on how I fuel for a race. It was exciting to see it in print when I skimmed the pages of the June issue while waiting to board my flight at LA-X, and now it is online, too. You can click on the pic or link below to check out how I fuel my body for a triathlon:

How I Fuel: Race Morning

So, how do you fuel?

Meet the (Welsh) Athlete: Charlotte

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Over 8 years ago, Charlotte (Char) and I met at UCLA where we had both walked on to (and had not long after walked off of) varsity Bruin athletic teams–cross country and swim for Char and myself, respectively. We stumbled upon the mutually beloved sport of triathlon, and were introduced at a UCLA Triathlon club event. After workouts, while eating large amounts of dorm food, we quickly became chums and decided to live together for the summer. That summer, Char and I formed the “Britters” club and enjoyed many a beach run, ocean swim, and delicious carbohydrate-rich meal. Our time together soon came to an end, however, when Char went off to explore South America and later returned to her home country. Yet, the bond that we created is still as strong as ever, and I was fortunate enough to catch up with Char on her recent holiday visit to the states. Her passion for athletics and drive to discover her best self inspire me. Without further ado…

Current place of residence: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Hometown/place of birth: Cardiff

Day job: Statistician

Favourite sports or hobbies (besides running): Playing my violin

Current (2016) race goal: To run personal bests in the 800m and 1500m

Best track event: 800m

Dream race: Olympics

Race mantra: Eek maybe I should think of one

When/how/why did you start running? I got in to running towards the end of high school, my teachers told me I had natural talent and I should give athletics a go.

Hardest workout you’ve ever completed: Oh gosh I’m not sure, although there are sand dunes near where I live in Wales and they can be pretty tough!

Most memorable training and/or race moment(s): I think my most memorable race moments are when I’ve run personal bests after lots of hard training and stagnation. It’s a really rewarding feeling.

Words of wisdom to someone considering training for their first running event: I think there’s a lot of pleasure and purpose to come out of training for a running event, and you’ll probably find life’s a bit more enjoyable along the way.

Something you’ve learned about yourself through running: I’m resilient.

Pre-race ritual or superstition: I need to get my eating right – if I’m hungry or full I panic!

Training tips: Focus on sessions

Training pet peeve: Long runs

Why do you keep running? To achieve my goals and because I enjoy the training mentality/lifestyle. My coach is also a massive inspiration for me.

What is something that you are known for? Doing lots of different things/having lots of experiences.

What does “Fuel” mean to you? Food that gives me sustained energy.

What does being “Fit” mean to you? I guess being in my peak physical form.

Pick one:
XC or track? Track
Solo or group training? Group
Chocolate or cheese? Cheese
Watch on your left wrist or right? Right
Morning or evening workout? Evening – I’m not good with mornings in general.
Hat or visor? Hat
Cheerios or Wheaties? We don’t have wheaties in the UK! I also don’t eat gluten so probably couldn’t eat them anyway!
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Tea, unless it’s really good coffee.

Huge thanks to my lovely “Britter” friend for sharing these insights!

UCSD Tritonman 2016

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Race: UC-San Diego Tritonman

Format: Draft-Legal Sprint (750-yard swim + 20-km bike + 5-km run)

Support Crew: Hubs, Mom, Dad, Aunt Dorothy + my Oliver fam (Lynn, Jim, Bonny + uncle Todd) + super buds Megan & Sam (& Mosby the doggie)

Pre-Race Predicament: Getting hit by another car on the freeway…and our car being totaled.  Sad to say goodbye to our brave lil toaster.

Pre-Race Dinner: Heaps of Spaghetti and Meatballs

Pre-Race Breakfast: Oatmeal, raisins, walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, a banana, and coffee + green tea Skratch drink

Goals: After our incident last year, goal number one for UCSD Tritonman 2016 was to come home in the same car that we brought down. I am happy to report that the toaster made it back home safely.

Tritonman 2016 lessons:

  • Swim start: position is so important. Get out of the middle or else you will get pulled under, and have a wall of athletes in front of you splashing and kicking you.
  • T2:  switch to bungee laces to avoid the struggle of putting tight shoes onto numb feet.

Up next: Clermont (3/5) & Sarasota (3/12)