Here are some resources that I wish I’d had when I started triathlon. I’ve developed them out of necessity over the past 10 years. Note: these resources are pretty personalized to me (i.e. nutritional/hydration needs, equipment preferences, etc) so you’ll need to adjust to fit YOU. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

This first download is a step-by-step list of things you need to do from registration to race week.

The second is a goal setting template where you can input your “process” goals (things in your control, e.g. Wearing my lucky socks) and “outcome” goals (things that you want to happen but aren’t necessarily in your control, e.g. Winning!)

The third is a pretty solid pack list that is specific to triathlon and includes a few travel packing tips (remove your CO2 cartridges!). If the item doesn’t apply to you (e.g. tampons) feel free to cross it off and move on.

The fourth is mostly a race weekend checklist (so many things to remember!) but also includes some tips (i.e. fueling properly) beginning 2 weeks before race day. Adjust to your personal nutritional/hydration needs and preferences!

Then we have an itinerary which is mainly all of the fine details of your race (who/what/where/when…). You can send a copy to your significant other and/or guardian for their peace of mind.

Finally, in case you (like me) tend to get some race week doubt creep, here’s a list of some of my common fears, why they are SO NOT going to rule me, and why I CHOOSE to do this triathlon thing in spite of them.

So, there you have it. My inner triathlon geek expressed in all of its spreadsheet glory. Just download, adjust to your liking, print, and stare at adoringly.