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Meet the Athlete: Annette

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Today we get to meet the lovely Annette, BrittFit athlete and partner in the creation, development, and production of BrittFit Bars!

Current place of residence: Port Hueneme
Soon-to-be place of residence: Somewhere on Oahu
Number of different countries you’ve lived in: Four
Day Job(s): Stay-at-home mom, cake decorator, baker
Favorite Non-triathlon sports/hobbies: Camping, hiking, knitting
2015 Triathlon/Fitness Goal(s): Seattle to Portland, a 200+ mile bike ride,
Best/favorite triathlon race leg: Bike
Fave pre-race fuel: Bagel and banana
Fave during-workout/race fuel: Stinger
Fave post-workout treat: Hamburger
Dream race: Somewhere cool and flat
Race day mantra: Push!

When/how/why did you start triathlon? March 2013. I figured since I was cycling and running, I should try a triathlon. Ha!

Hardest race and/or workout you’ve ever completed? Silverman 70.3

Words of wisdom for someone considering training for their first triathlon? Definitely give it a try, and be prepared to spend some money.

Something you’ve learned about yourself through triathlon? I thought I would never be a swimmer, but now I am.

Why do you keep Tri-ing? I cannot say no to a challenge. Strength or weakness? I’m not sure. I like the balance and variety of the training. I love the people I’ve met.

What does “Fuel” mean to you? Giving my body what it needs to perform: food, water, sleep.

What does being “Fit” mean to you? Being able to run up a flight of stairs or dash through the airport.

What inspired you to start your own home bakery? My kids. I wanted to do something that allowed me to be at home with them.

How do you balance being a wife, mom, owning a business, other side jobs, and training for triathlons? Any secrets?

My husband is amazing! I work around the family schedule. I swim before the day starts, I ride with the kids in a trailer, and I run with a jogging stroller. I joke that I don’t need hills because I’m always pushing or pulling 100lbs. My husband gives me weekends to do my long training.

Fill in the blank…

Something that most people would be surprised to know about me is I have six siblings

If/when I have 15 spare minutes, I like to sit down

The ideal date night with my husband includes a quiet dinner

Pick one…

Long ride or long run? Ride
Open water or pool? Pool, but I want it to be open water
Chocolate or cheese? I can’t choose!
Watch on your left wrist or right? Left
Morning or evening workout? Morning
Hat or visor? Hat
Swim cap or no cap? Cap
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Coffee
Cake or cupcake? Cake

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Annette over the past couple of years. Wishing her and her family a fabulous time full of adventure, feasting, and fun, in Hawaii!!

Want to see yourself featured in a future edition of M.T.A.? All BrittFit Athletes are eligible. You could be next!

Meet the Athlete: John (#2)

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Introducing: John #2, BrittFit athlete since 2014.

What’s with the name/number? John joined the Swimming for Triathletes class in Ventura, CA, he was given the nickname “#2” to avoid confusion with the other John (#1) in the class.

Current place of residence: Kamuela, HI
Favorite place you’ve lived thus far: Kamuela, HI
Day job: Family Physician
Current (2015) triathlon goal: IM Boulder, finish time 12:00
Best race leg: Run (usually)
Favorite pre-race fuel: Spaghetti and meatballs the night before
Favorite post-workout treat: Chocolate milk
Dream race: I’ll dream big and say IM Kailua Kona, World Championships
Race day mantra: Race smart!

When/how did you start triathlon? I started triathlon in 2012 at the Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon. It was always something I wanted to do and so I started big; I did the Olympic distance and have been addicted to triathlons ever since.

Hardest race or workout you’ve ever completed: Kamuela, HI, 54 mile ride from Kamuela to Waipi ‘o Valley, for a total of 6,000 ft of elevation gain. It was also the most gorgeous ride I’ve ever done.

Most memorable race moment: Malibu Triathlon 2014, bike course going southbound on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) as you descend on Leo Carillo, it was a sight of pure beauty: the sun shining down on the ocean and sand, gentle waves crashing into the shore with a gentle breeze, all to the sweet sound of bicycles on the highway.

Words of wisdom to someone considering training for their first triathlon: Be patient. So many people want the quick fix and fast results but the key to getting better at anything, especially triathlon, is patience and consistency. So if you’re doing triathlons to lose weight, or to become the fastest in your age group or to qualify for World Championships, be patient with yourself, keep with it, train SMART and watch all of your times get faster and your weight drop GRADUALLY. If you’re patient, you’ll have the success you’re after and you will have fun in the process.

Something you’ve learned about yourself from triathlon: I can do ANYTHING as long as I have the right (smart) plan.

Pick one:
Long ride or long run? Long ride
Ocean or pool swim? Ocean
Chocolate or cheese? Definitely CHOCOLATE
Watch on your left wrist or right? Left
Morning or evening workout? Morning
T1 or T2? T2
Hat or visor? Neither (for now)
Speedo or jammers? Jammers
Swim cap or no cap? Swim cap

Want to see yourself featured in a future edition of M.T.A.? All BrittFit Athletes are eligible. You could be next!