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Clermont & Sarasota, FL 2016

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11 days. 2 triathlons. 4 hotels. 2 rental cars. 3 support crew members (Brice, Mom & Dad). Many firsts and many lessons to take away…


  • First trip to Florida
  • First all-professional races
  • First swim with gators, and in tea water (tannins–what!?)
  • First time hanging out with new friend, Savannah…had to come all the way to Florida to meet someone who lives 30 minutes from me in Cali.
  • First time meeting Brice’s great uncle & aunt
  • First time to Disney World
  • First time at the Kennedy Space Center
  • First peanut butter and jelly burger with bacon. Yummiest.


  • If you rent a car from Budget, sign up for Budget Fastbreak to avoid 1-hr lines.
  • Sight less, swim more!
  • Have a sighting plan of action. Don’t just wing it.
  • Transitions are paramount, especially T1.
  • GET IN A BIKE PACK or suffer by yourself!
  • First find a pack and THEN put your bike shoes on.
  • Pro Triathletes are really stinkin tough.
  • AeroPress coffee maker = good investment. Fast, delicious coffee in the hotel room. Yum.
  • Ruster Sport Hen House bike bags also = good investment. No more airline fees for traveling with my bike!
  • Don’t pack a giant rice cooker in your checked bag–it will break and you will be sad.

Pre race game face in Clermont


About to suffer by myself on the bike


Wishing I had friends to ride with


Epcot with my wonderful parents