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Meet the Athlete: Greg

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Remember when Rebecca graced your screen on the blog back in February? Well, today you get to read about her soon-to-be husband, Greg! Greg is a talented athlete and recent nursing school graduate who landed a job right out of school. Impressed yet? Read on…

Current place of residence: Ventura, CA
Hometown/place of birth: Oxnard, CA
Day job: Nurse
Dream job: Le Mans Prototype driver
Favorite sports or hobbies (besides triathlon): Outrigger paddling, surfing, and cooking.
Best triathlon race leg (swim, bike, run, T1, T2, beer garden): From best to worst… Swim, Bike, beer garden, T1, T2, then the run.
Dream race: Kona 70.3 or Molokai to Maui outrigger race.

Current triathlon goal: To survive and hopefully enjoy my first 70.3 in Tempe, Arizona later this year.
Why do you want to accomplish this? To challenge myself in a way that I never have.

When/how/why did you start triathlon/endurance sports? I’ve never been much of a runner. I’ve always preferred water sports over anything on land but when I moved to Riverside for college I tried to make the best of it. I met my now-fiancee Rebecca and followed her on the bike while she trained for multiple marathons and in doing so I grew to at least tolerate running. In 2014 one of my friends couldn’t attend her half marathon so she offered to transfer her entry to me. After barely finishing that race with 3 days notice, I signed up for my first triathlon in Ventura and got 2nd place! I was surprised to find that I loved the challenge of triathlon and stuck with it.
Favorite accomplishment in sport: Finishing my first Olympic distance triathlon in Malibu

Hardest race and/or workout you’ve ever completed: Paddling from Catalina to Newport Beach.
Most memorable training moment: Feeling like flying while in aero on a training ride along the Santa Ana River trail.

If you had to remove one leg of the triathlon and swap in a new sport, what would you subtract, and what would you add, and why? Probably outrigger paddling in place of running. Except the order would be swim, paddle, bike because I’ve always wanted to finish on the bike.

Best athletic encouragement you’ve ever been given? “I didn’t wake up this early for 2nd place” – My dad
Words of wisdom to someone considering training for their first triathlon: Don’t take it too seriously your first time out. I did, and contemplated selling my wetsuit and bike, until I realized I had gotten 2nd place in my first one.
Something you’ve learned about yourself through triathlon: I was raised with outrigger paddling, which is a very team-oriented sport, so through triathlon I’ve learned that I can rely on myself.
Who inspires you and why? Sebastian Kienle and Jan Frodeno because they’re absolute beasts on the bike and I hope to come close someday.

Race mantra: “I didn’t come this far to only come this far”
Pre-race ritual: Pretend like the race doesn’t bother me… then panic the morning of.
Pre-race pump up jams: I typically don’t listen to anything before a race, not even my gut telling me to go home.

What is the first thing and last thing you do each day? First: breakfast; Last: shower
Favorite type of running shoes:  I don’t think I’ve had anything other than Nike
Dream training camp location: Hawaii
Training tips: Bring extra tubes, because they may explode on you.
Racing pet peeve: Either punching/grabbing at the swim start or cutting me off on the bike.

What motivates you to keep training and competing? Getting fitter and faster. Plus the race atmosphere is really enjoyable.
What motivates you when it’s tough to start/complete a workout/race? Remembering that not everyone gets to do this.

What does “Fuel” mean to you? It’s what allows me to move forward. It powers my body, so I try to put in the best quality ‘Fuel’ that I can, with a couple of cheat days here and there.
Any favorite recipes to share? One of my favorite dips: Goat cheese, pesto, sundried tomato, and pecans. Goes great with pita bread.
What does being “Fit” mean to you? Not feeling winded after climbing three flights of stairs

Pick one:
Long swim, long ride or long run? Long ride
Open water or pool? Open water
Trail or track? Trail
Snot rocket, sleeve, or tissue? Depends on where. If on the bike, snot rocket. Just make sure no one is around you! That’s also one of my pet peeves…
Solo or group training? Everything is better in a group. I’m less likely to turn early.
Chocolate or cheese? Chocolate
Watch on your left wrist or right? Left
Morning or evening workout? Morning
Hat or visor? Hat
Swim cap or no cap? None
Cheerios or Wheaties? Wheaties
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Tea
Crocs or Birkenstocks? Bare feet