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Swiss Ball Core Routine

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I like simple strength workouts.  I often do as many exercises as possible using just one piece of equipment, and then repeat them all over again.  It’s fun, challenging, and always evolving.

This Swiss Ball Core Routine takes just 8-12 minutes. You can finish it while your penne are becoming al dente.

Today’s piece of equipment: Swiss Ball (aka. Stability Ball)

1. Walk down into plank
2. Pushup (legs on ball)
3. Pike (feet on ball)
4. 1-leg scrunch (1-foot on ball)
5. Side twists (feet on ball)
6. Side & Center scrunches (feet on ball)
7. 1-leg abductions (1-foot on ball)

8. Elbow plank on ball
9. Forward-backward ball roll
10. Side-side ball roll
11. Circle ball roll (clockwise, then ccw)
12. Knee raise

3 sets of 4-8 reps each, with 1-minute rest between sets.

Why do this?

‘Cuz it’s fun, and, to improve your…

-Shoulder Stability (Swim)
-Chest Strength (Swim)
-General Core Stability (Swim, Bike, Run)
-Hip Flexor & Abductor Strength (Swim, Bike, Run)