I have to admit that at mile 20-21, I was ready to pass out. Only I knew what it took for me to get there - a single mom, three kids, a mom who is going through chemo, a corporate job that took over half my training schedule, a broken bike/wetsuit (both not budgeted in the cost of the IM). I can't express my undying gratitude to you and your support for the last year.

Mariel, 2013 IM Arizona Finisher & BrittFit Performance Athlete

I feel so much more informed and educated about not only nutrition, but my body (and how it works). Most importantly, what I took away from this experience was a better understanding about how I should view food (er, 'fuel') and the best way to approach my relationship with food.

Jolene, 2014 IM Arizona Finisher & BrittFit Performance Athlete

Although I've been in Brittany's swimming classes for a while now, having her as a private swim coach is the bomb! I highly recommend it.

Lisa, Rincon Tri Club Officer & BrittFit Triathlete

Seriously, if you told me even 6 months ago that I would be swimming in the ocean even once let alone two times I would have laughed at you! This is way out of my comfort zone and I LOVE it!

Ben, BrittFit Athlete

Brittany is an awesome coach! I love looking back and seeing the improvement.

Annette, BrittFit Athlete & Owner of Moonvine Desserts

Honestly, I started the swim class with no expectations but was completely blown away by the professionalism and quality of the training.

Andrew, BrittFit Athlete