Take pen to paper to work out the things you want to work on. When you write out your plans, dreams, ideas, etc, you can gain clarity on your life and add purpose to your days.

Steadfast (January-June 2021) Workbook

Steadfast (July-December 2021) Workbook

Steadfast is a one-year workbook divided into 2 parts: January-June + July-December 2021. The Steadfast workbooks are designed for Run Free Training athletes, but can be used by anyone hoping to grow throughout the year. You’ll be guided through the process of determining your personal Visions. From there, you’ll use daily Habits to track your progress throughout the year. You’ll also have space to track daily metrics such as sleep and mental clarity.

Valiant 2022 Workbook

You are irreplaceable–only you can be you! This workbook was made to help you experience more of what God has placed strategically inside of you through purposeful and consistent attention to your habits, visions, values, and personal mission.